quick inventory

First, you must must must go check out the shawl that my mom made. It is magnificent. She is an amazing artist.

Second, after only a few months of having connected it, we have canceled cable TV. I couldn’t believe how much of our lives it was sucking away, and I am still especially disgusted by the Disney programming (which, ironically, Disney was one of the reasons we decided to get cable in the first place). I have to admit I’ll miss LA Ink–but don’t tell anyone. So, we’re back to PBS and a handful of local channels, some of which don’t come in unless we make the kids hold the rabbit ears.

Third, I give you my current food obsession: the green chile omelet.

2 eggs
1 heaping Tbsp of cottage cheese
little bit (4 or 5 swipes on the box grater) of grated cheese (I’m using Colby/Jack)
2 Tbsp of diced green chiles

Measurements are all approximate. You must love the flavor of green chiles to love this omelet. And if you put too much cottage cheese, it will not stick together like an omelet should; you’ll just end up with scrambled cheese-chile eggs. Which are just as good, just less pretty.

Fourth: I’m back to running in the morning. The icy roads and freezing wind are rotten, but my days are far more productive. I definitely feel the difference after only a week of being back to training seriously.

Fifth: The face that Little J makes while he concentrates on buttoning his pajama shirt is priceless. His lips stiffen, his nostrils flare, and his eyebrows float up into his forehead.


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