thwarting winter break

Today we went to the ice rink–as though we don’t spend enough of our lives freezing at ice rinks. [That new Dunkin Donuts jingle about “freezing at Pee Wee hockey…” is practically my life right now.] But instead of sitting in the bleachers or working the snack bar, we all skated, including Little J, who is four and is as freakishly coordinated as his older brother. He skated for an hour using this little walker-like contraption, and for the second hour I could barely keep up with him. Big J kept getting in trouble with the rink monitors for “going too fast.”

“But Mom!” he tells me, “I don’t know how to skate slow!!”

H skated with us for the first hour, and then during the second hour she found a hallway and practiced her jazz routine, garnering a decent crowd of onlookers.

Wednesday we’ll go rollerskating (and I’ll school the kids then; I spent many a Friday and Saturday night at the roller rink as a youngster). Friday we’ll do a movie at the el-cheapo theater.

Tuesday and Thursday are up for grabs, if anyone has any ideas. Maybe we’ll venture out and go sledding.

But that involves snow. Blech.


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