the gods must be crazy

_The Gods Must Be Crazy_ (imdb) is a movie about, among other things, a tribe in Botswana that finds a Coke bottle (it had been thrown from an airplane window).

The Coke bottle becomes immensely useful to the tribe: for grinding meal, stretching and smoothing animal skins, and making music. And because there is only one Coke bottle, the tribe, which has heretofore not had to deal with ownership, envy, or theft, is quickly introduced to the negative effects of having and not-having.

A similar thing has happened in my house. Recently, we got cable. And we have one viable TV in the house, in the living room. There is a TV in our room upstairs, which means to watch the TV one has to go upstairs, which we keep at about 53 degrees to conserve heating fuel. So really, that TV doesn’t count.

Since the cable came to the Yonker house, the kids’ fights have exponentially increased. They cannot agree on what to watch, and so I’m constantly mediating “It’s-my-turn!-No-you-just-watched-something-it’s-mine!-No-way-am-I-watching -Hannah-Montana-again!” fights. (On a side note: the Disney Channel is odious. Each show is about spoiled, snotty, back-stabbing, lying, disrespectful children who are completely superficial and rude to their parents.)

And I very much want to do what the dude in the movie does: get rid of the damn thing. In this case, the damn cable.

Why, exactly, am I paying more money simply to bring a barrage of ads into my house, and so my kids have one more thing to yell at each other about??


4 thoughts on “the gods must be crazy

  1. Even though I envy you your cable, I don’t envy you. The main reason I don’t have cable is because I would watch it 24/7. I already don’t get stuff done. Maybe you could make a schedule? This is my answer to everything. Sometimes it even works!

  2. The schedule idea would probably work. It would required considerably more effort on my part, though, and I would have to continue to pay the bill.

    I’m looking for easy fix. Throw the TV into the bushes kind of thing.

  3. get rid of it. it’s crap anyway. it’s crap, AND your children are proving both that they can’t cooperate and that they have a disturbing appreciation for crap. GET RID OF IT, I SAY!!!

    if the need for hannah montana is that dire, i’m sure she’s out on video. 🙂

  4. I say Tivo. With parental controls. I wonder if it has a time lock on it? Or “annoying child actor/character” ratings?


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