hotel-staying and traveling miscellany

Room service food is nearly always cold by the time it gets to me. Unless I happen to have a room with a microwave. Then the food will be plenty hot. In my experience, anyway. It’s a variation of Murphy’s.

Traveling and eating out make for great soup-trying. I’ve eaten soup at least once on every trip I’ve taken in the last month. The best? Squash Bisque and Crab Asparagus. Both soups from the same town, incidentally.

At one point, I returned to my room after a full day of walking and meeting people. I decided I would go ahead and drive home rather than stay an extra night out of town, so I began packing up. And I couldn’t find my car keys. I frantically dumped stuff out of suitcases and briefcases and laptop cases, searching madly, feeling foolish. And then felt doubly–nay, triply–foolish when I found the ticket for the valet parking where I’d left the car.

Most ironic moment: me laying in a hotel bed, eating free-from-the-lobby chocolate chip cookies, watching George Stella’s _Low Carb and Lovin’ It_.