the day after

Here is how well my friends around here know me: for my birthday yesterday, I received home made chocolate chip cookies, some unknown but delicious cream cheese-y lemon bars, a pudding cake, a loaf of cranberry-nut cheddar bread, and some spicy apple-cranberry sauce.

And B made me his scrumptious boiled dinner, which I ate with an entire stick of melted butter. Just kidding. No, seriously.

Today, the kids are having a snow day (well, it’s probably more aptly called a “high winds and ice” day). Big J is bouncing a ball against the door to the upstairs; H is tap dancing; Little J is running his Tonka dump truck through the house repeatedly.

Me? I’m eating nachos, grading papers, and listening to Jimmy Buffet. I need something tropical. 10:30 in the morning is probably too early for a Bahama Mama, huh.

I’d settle for a patch of sunlight on the rug in the living room. That I’d get a Bahama Mama is more realistic, though.


6 thoughts on “the day after

  1. I was under the impression that Bahama Mamas were all clear after 10 a.m. when kids are on a snow day, although I’m not sure whether that rule holds in your town, considering the onslaught of lake effect snows you get every winter.

  2. Bahama Mama’s are certainly available at 10:30 in the morning. Look at the primary ingredients – Ah! Fruit Juice! clearly a morning beverage….


  3. you forgot to mention the candy. probably b/c it didn’t make it home to be tallied. HA! 🙂

    happy birthday, m’dear.

  4. We’re definitely going tropical for my birthday. Because I’m old, and I need it. You marked your calendar, right? 😀

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