reasons the snow is halfway OK

1. I don’t have to weed my garden.

2. I can run the dryer and the oven and not worry I’ll overheat the house.

3. Little J can climb into bed with us in the middle of the night, and I don’t immediately start sweating because of his extraordinary body heat.

4. I have a whole bunch of excuses to not run.

5. The switch back to hot coffee from iced.

6. When the refrigerator dies, as its clattering and groaning indicate it will shortly, we’ll be able to move the frozen goods into the garage.

7. It, um…looks pretty. Kind of.

8. I don’t have to look at the ugly hydrangia that I mangled last spring.

9. I have a great wardrobe of hats to wear. My wonderful mother, the shepherd, spinner, weaver, and knitter extraordinaire, gave me a whole box full of hats for Christmas, some of which you can see if you click through.

10. Soon, the kids will be able to sled off the roof. They are looking forward to it.

Me… Not. So. Much.


5 thoughts on “reasons the snow is halfway OK

  1. Love the sledding off the roof. That has to be a classic memory. Glad you have a picture to find some day and laugh at cause you are in some warm state far-far-away from our blasted winters.

  2. We have no snow here and no hope of snow — tragedy for me since I kinda like the stuff.

    They’ve wrapped the palm trees here in tinsel. Freak-y. People here aren’t really even x-tian, so all the x-mas decorations here are pretty unnecessary (it’s mainly the shops that have them — trying to encourage extra spending or something).

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