An update of the utmost quickness:

I was laid flat last week with the worst of stomach bugs. We’ve been lucky the past couple years to have escaped some of the nastier ones, but this year…ouch. Big J and I had it in the worst way. I’ll spare your the gory, but I’m still a little weak and did not have much of an appetite for the feast on Thursday, understandably.

We hosted this year’s festivities; in fact I called my sister and mom the day before they were to arrive (Monday) and told them to wait at least a day so they might avoid catching the grossness.

Dinner was mostly a success as result of the saving grace of gravy; the bird was dry and I managed to glue-up the potatoes as well–really I am lacking in the culinary prowess department.

The pie was good.

The relatives will leave town tomorrow after Big J’s hockey game, of which I will attempt to record a short clip with my new digital camera that the great sis and bro-in-law brought us for Christmas.

Hopefully, when the mass exodus occurs, some of these shoes will go with all of them.


3 thoughts on “shoes

  1. That tummy bug was particularly nasty…I lost five pounds in 24 hours, and managed to gain most of it back over Thanksgiving by eating and drinking to excess in Seattle. Oh, and after I actually had to cancel class one day, and I show up for class two days later, one student had the gall to ask, “Are our papers graded?” Gee, between those hourly barfings, I just didn’t get to it–sorry!

  2. It will be the Thanksgiving to remember. If something doesn’t occur it is just another day. Hate to say it but, you WILL look back on your time together and laugh so hard. There is nothing like family – what would we do without them, they are there for the good and the BAD and still love you in the end.

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