Things I should post about:

Little J’s birthday post. It’s already about 4 days late, as he is a Hallowe’en baby. I had the narrative set up: the way, four years ago today, I canceled classes by email; the trip to Taco Bell on the way to the hospital as I knew they’d deny me food once we got there; the way B snuck me into the bathroom–after the nurses told me not to–like a good good husband does so I could avoid crapping on the doc; the way Little J was immediately a cranky, cranky baby and fussed from the very beginning, etc etc. But now he’s a grown boy, calling me from the bathtub: “Mom! I have a SITUATION in HERE.” What four-year-old says “situation??!”

The race report from Bruegger’s Bagel run. It was fun; we dressed as M&Ms courtesy J, who has a pic up. It rained and hailed on us, which wasn’t bad while we ran through the woods, but while we waited for D to get her award (first place in her age group! woo-hoo!) the hail pelted us like peanut M&Ms. Ouch.

The way my mind and body are slowly rebelling. The long hours of writing, along with keeping on top of the prep and grading for three classes, along with all the stuff that my family is doing right now–all that stuff is finally catching up. I have moments during the day when I can’t remember what I’m doing; if I’m in the car I can’t remember where I’m going. For little J’s birthday party on Friday, I completely forgot to put the salad and vegie tray out. I had $20 worth of cucumber and broccoli and salad, and it just hung out in the cripser, lonely and forgotten. I forgot last night to turn the clocks back, and only remembered when I opened up my machine this morning at 10 (well, really 9) o’clock. We spent last night working the Public Skate at the ice rink where Big J plays hockey. I sat at the front desk taking money and stamping hands, and at times I felt like I was in a stop-motion film, where I was moving frame-by-frame, and the people around me were in FFWD X2. And I don’t mean this figuratively. Strange and trippy.


3 thoughts on “fragments

  1. Love the M&Ms! Re the slo-mo thing–maybe still recovering from that bug? Or just exhausted even beyond your usual point?

    And I remember Baby J screaming at me when you came in to school to take care of some business–okay, he was just screaming. And I tried hard not to take it as an insult to my rusty Auntie Sue baby-bouncing technique…

  2. No, Suze, it was NOT your rusty bouncing. He was simply a horrid, unhappy infant.

    TG he’s past that.

    And yes, yes I am exhausted beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. *sigh*

  3. I tagged you with the 7 Facts about Me list. See my blog for details. It will give you something to do in all your spare time. Ha. Ha ha!
    But also, it will contribute to your daily word count, if not directly to your dissertation.

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