daily word count

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,720 / 60,000

FYI: I’m catching some kind of disgusting bug. My throat and ears are throbbing; my shoulders ache and I’m freezing.

But still writing, dammit.


2 thoughts on “daily word count

  1. It sounds like allergies (fall leaves are just great for that). My brother’s entire family – all six have had the stomach bug. And of course my brother works with my babysitters son so he will get it and give to my babysitter who in turn will give it to my entire family – although I have not seen my brother’s family in a month or so, I can blame them if we get the darn thing. I will be nice enough to pass it on IF we get it however. That is how “BUGS” work. P.S. Welcome to Northern NY where we like to share!

  2. Or we would get it from Patty through Josh, who is going to start spending some more Tue and Thur afternoons with her (if she can handle it). I need more writing time

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