for kevin, others

So, you’re going along with your life. You’re doing work, school, kids, meals, writing. Grading papers, doing laundry, agonizing about the filthy dump your house is. Running maybe, talking on the phone to your mom, IMing your husband during his lunch hour. Wiping butts. Getting glasses of water in the middle of the night. Answering student email. Buying your kids McDonald’s. Worrying about time. Passing mid-semester. Counting words and money.

And then Kevin Zoldan happens. He’s sweet, young, struggling to figure out school? Work? Live here?


Play music?

No. Figure this out, Kevin: your heart is being attacked by infection. Your blood is filled with it. Figure this out: open heart surgery. Valve replacement. Figure this out: the cardiac intensive care unit.

Kevin is B’s best friend’s brother–my sister’s brother-in-law. And in the weird way the Zoldan family and the Yonker family are essentially one, Kevin is B’s brother, and mine.

He’s 24. He’s in Richmond. If you’ve got some love, send it on.

And take a moment to love ANYONE (and really I mean *every*one). Because it’s fleeting, this being-on-earth stuff.


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