the weekend runner

The dumb thing I did today was leave for my writing session without the power cord for the MacBook. And no battery juice.

So I sat in Panera and wrote in a small notebook. I won’t be able to report my word count until tomorrow, when I type up what I wrote. It was an interesting retro-exercise for me; I kept thinking, “Wow, when I try to write fast my handwriting is atrocious! When I write slowly, my handwriting is quite lovely, but gawwd this is taking for ever!”

Also, I must find another writing place. Their soups are good but they give me heartburn. I’ve sworn off their sandwiches because the bread there is so darn *hard*. It scrapes the roof of my mouth raw.

So, somehow D and J have talked me into another race this weekend, the Bruegger’s Bagel Run. I have become the weekend racer. I don’t ever run during the week at all anymore. D and I are supposed to meet tomorrow morning, but The Weather Channel says rain for the wake-up hour, so I might be off the hook. Not that I want to be off the hook. All that Panera is finding my middle. But being a leisurely weekend runner suits me. Anything leisurely suits me.

Ah. Leisure, I hardly knew ye.


One thought on “the weekend runner

  1. Panera never worked for me, cuz they have free wireless. What am I doing right now? Reading blogs. What should I be doing? Grading papers.

    Yeah, you’re leisurely the way I’m a slow talker.

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