eastwood autumn 5-miler

I got an email from D a few weeks ago, before the Albany marathon. She’s found a new run, a 5-miler two weeks post-marathon. Do I want to run it?

Sure, I reply. Why not? At that moment, I am feeling invincible. My body is still in one piece; I cannot–and do not–anticipate the agony of Albany.

So, today, only two weeks after the marathon, D and J pile into my car and we drive to the Sunnycrest Ice Rink in Eastwood, a neighborhood in Syracuse. This run is special to D, as she grew up in Eastwood, having attended Sacred Heart and Henninger high school.

Who knew a teeny-tiny five mile race could be so satisfying? We pick up our numbers and CHIPS and the PROPER SIZE T-shirt from the table as the high school band serenades us with “Louie Louie,” “Back in Black,” and other great tunes.

I am now convinced that it is the Syracuse Track Club that manages the best races around here. Things are laid-back but incredibly organized; waters stops well-stocked with cups and volunteers, and Brugger’s bagels and other important goodies at the end (and they had cider, too, which didn’t sound very good to me at first, but after I sipped it a little, I chugged one and then another cup of it–who knew??).

The sky was blue, the trees in full color, and the weather simply fabulous–it might have actually been a little too warm. The great old houses in Eastwood (and the other neighborhood–can’t remember the name?) provided great scenery. We ran past runningburro and rainbowhair’s old house on Aberdeen, and then D’s sisters met us on the corner of the street that D’s mom still lives on. They made fun neon green signs and were cheering and happy. Aside from runningburro’s lovely parents, who cheered for us at the first Buffalo marathon, D and I haven’t had much in the way of personal spectators, so to have actual people we knew waiting for us was really exciting for me in an embarrassing silly kind of way (I wanted to hug them! But I resisted!).

The annual Eastwood Autumn 5-miler is a MUST run for locals. It gets three thumbs up from us!

Oh, our time? 54-something. A PR, since none of us has ever run a 5-mile race before.


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  1. And what a spectacular day for a run! The GF and I and the dogs (one aged shepherdy-mix and one 8-month-old Maltese) had a lovely walk around the park. Okay, the Maltese had her princess moments–“too far! I wanna go back!”–and Maddie had her “Omigod I think I’ve overdone it” moments…but still and all, an amazing day!

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