a slow weekend

It was a slow writing weekend, in part because my brother is re-roofing the back part of our house, so attendant to that comes stuff I have to do (mostly cook him a hearty dinner), in part because I brought home 60 papers to grade on Friday (and finished them!), and in part because I spent my writing hours this morning at a race–and when I came back I felt kind of …blah. Ah, also, we just got cable TV. So if I’m walking through the living room, and the TV is on, I end up standing in front of it transfixed like a zombie as HGTV shows me all the great things I need to do to sell my house in the spring.

Mostly, it shows me that I have to get rid of all my kids, my cats, all the books and papers that litter flat spaces…oh, and I should probably not live in the house myself at all, either. All that should be in my house is a few well-placed pieces of furniture and a nice table setting. Which I don’t own. *sigh*

I now have one full-chapter drafted and another entire chapter due next week (it’s well on its way, so I’m confident I’ll make that deadline). I say this to ameliorate the shameful word count I generated today:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,074 / 60,000

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  1. Be sure to check out the tv blog started by Dr. Write…in case you need guidance on your viewing activities…

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