prompts promptly

Monday nights for me are Blackboard nights. I spend about 4 hours reading student work, working up assignments, sending email, and posting discussion board forums, announcements, et cetera.

I spend various other hours during the week responding to work and IMing with students, but Monday night, that’s Blackboard night.

Until I spend 15 minutes writing a discussion board prompt that gets promptly (sorry) eaten by the server when I try to post it. GRRR. Then Monday night becomes “blog about Blackboard disappointment” night.

Maybe I should change my night–maybe EVERYBODY’s Blackboard night is Monday, and that’s why the server is flaking out.

Well, it just means I’ll get to go to bed early tonight. Goodnight!


One thought on “prompts promptly

  1. I complained loads about Blackboard…until I got stuck using WebCT. Which is about as user-friendly as a poke in the eye.

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