where have *you* been?

I have been nostrils-deep in html, that’s where.

However, as usual, my love for web-writing and creating is again renewed. I love it when stuff works, and looks like I want it to, and etc.

Two pages went live earlier this week: 1)my professional site (and no, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to have one!) and 2) the still tentative article on network literacies for Computers and Composition Online.

I am happy to take comments on both. I should mention that when I put together the netlit piece into html, it became glaringly obvious how skinny the “implications” section (essentially, my final argument) is. I will be futzing with it a bit more, to be sure.

But now, I must prepare for a sleepover. H’s 11th birthday sleepover, to be exact. Which means the house must be cleaned, which means I must find the vacuum. Which is ironically buried somewhere in the mess. *sigh* How’s that for a conundrum?


2 thoughts on “where have *you* been?

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the article-in-progress…I had students in my Writing Seminar for Business Majors read chapter one of _Everything is Miscellaneous_ and they didn’t see it. Which completely messes with my sense that these are folks will GET IT. So, your elucidation and erudition on related concerns is most welcome…

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