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Yes. I no longer can compose an entry unless I’m given the freedom of writing an incoherent list. My apologies. I’m happy to report that I’m past the rough of last week.

I just have some little whinging to do: maybe you all can help me out a bit.

1. Somehow during my writing session yesterday, I inadvertently turned on the formatting in Word, so that I now see every hard return and there’s a dot for every space, etc. I don’t have any idea how to turn it off. It’s not incredibly annoying, but I’d like to know how to make the CHOICE of seeing the mark-up. My geek/techie status has just lost all credibility, I know.

2. In a similar vein: any body got any opinions about writing a dissertation in Word? (I know, probably a good number of you will tell me to get out while I can.) My main concern right now is that for some arbitrary reason, I’ve created separate files for each chapter. So, when I streamline it into one, I’m just praying that, say, all the footnotes decide to get along and change their numbers accordingly. I’ve checked; the disses in my dept have footnotes that run through the entire text; they don’t reset to #1 at the beginning of each chapter.

3. H is turning 11 in a handful of days. She is bugging me to let her shave her legs. This is a cultural practice that I don’t particularly care for; I am hit-or-miss about whether I manage to keep my own legs smooth (more often it’s miss, esp in the winter). I’m holding her off, but I’m really not finding a good argument (to her mind, anyway) for the prohibition. It is dangerous-ish? Ah.

4. Dunkin Donuts has pumpkin muffins, which are really REALLY scrumptious…


5 thoughts on “perfunctory list

  1. For whatever it’s worth, I’m doing most of my writing in MS Word. When I’m not writing in Word, I end up copying the chunks of text back into Word files (I have them set up like you do, I think, one main file for each chapter). I have written chunks outside of the main file, and when I paste them in, the footnoting syncs up without any problems. I’d guess that MS Word or Open Office are as good as it gets for this kind of thing.

    For #1: on the PC, it’s under Tools/Options/View. Not sure how this translates for Mac.

  2. On a Mac:
    Go to View/toolbars/standard. Once you have the “standard” toolbar on your screen, click the little paragraph mark that’s beside the red suitcase.

    And then click your heels twice, and say, “I wish I were home, I wish I were home”

  3. Unless your daughter’s leg hair is dark, I’d try to convince her that she doesn’t have to shave and if she does, it will only get darker and coarser and she’ll have to do it more often. It’s a vicious circle!! Or, tell her that she can cut herself and that’s not attractive.
    It’s a tough one. Isn’t there some kind of leg shaving horror video that can take care of this? I wish.

  4. Okay, Dr. Write, so you’re going for the “feed her an old wive’s tale if it serves our purpose” method? A big problem is that not only is Miss H exposed to the usual femininity crap, but she’s a dancer, so I’d say if she can make a case for it serving her art, let her do it. Otherwise, forget it for another year. If nothing else, it will hone her rhetorical skills.

    Oh, and on the diss thing, toward the end mine started getting really wonky within Word, possibly due to the size of the friggin’ file (I had all those images). It’ll be worth merging, at some point, but surely not yet. Unless you’re already done, and working on editing.

  5. suze: she’s already a SKILLED rhetorician–making my job of dissuading her all the more difficult.

    as a dancer, she always wears some kind of tights or hose, though, so she can’t pull that one on me. 🙂

    and thanks for your generous “if you’re done already…” comment. Not. Even. Close.

    Dr. Write: I have my own bloody horror story to tell her about when I was in band camp. (I KNOW! “This one time…? at band camp…?) I suppose I can scare the crap out of her. It might work. 🙂

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