working through some kinks

I’m having a hard-ish week. I say “hard-ish,” because really, every week is hard. So regular hard is pretty easy for me. But this past week (see, I’m already willing it to be over) has been harder-than-normal-hard. But not unbearably hard. Just hard-ish.

1. Not sure it it’s the increase in coffee, or the crappy eating habits, or the general lack of exercise/running I’ve been doing, but I’m encountering a bit of insomnia. I lay awake, rolling over repeatedly, everything distracting me: the sheets, my clothes, the intermittent traffic, the cats, my ideas.

2. In a strange turn of hormonal events, I’ve had two non-consecutive days of severe “woman pain.” While it’s not strange for my cycle to run me through two days of cramps, I’ve yet to have a bad day followed by a good day just for the bad to return. This might be linked to #1 above as well.

3. I had a perfectly good excuse to NOT help someone out, and I told her no. Then she called this morning and said “Good News! [I found a way around your excuse to say no!]” Um, how is that “good” news?

4. Both big kids went to school this morning in rumpled clothes for picture day. *sigh*

5. In a fit of rebellious frustration, I allowed myself a peek at the “new arrival” shelf in the public library yesterday. Not. Smart. I picked up a new Joyce Carol Oates (title evades me) and _The Road_ by Cormac McCarthy. The good news is that it only took me about 4 hours to read _The Road_ last night. The bad news is that I should have been writing. The good news is I had something to do while I was *not* falling asleep. And I recommend _The Road_ to anyone who enjoyed _Parable of the Sower_ by Octavia Butler or _The Stand_ by Stephen King. It reminded me vaguely of both, except with more sentence fragments. In fact, I think McCarthy must have some rule. Each paragraph with only 2 full sentences. The rest fragments.


4 thoughts on “working through some kinks

  1. Phillip’s school pictures make a powerful visual statement about my own bad memory when it came to photo day, er, heck, even re-take day. My favorite one is where he appears, by some unimaginable accident, happily wearing a Chicago Bulls t-shirt in his photo (from fifth or sixth grade, probably). I share this with you in support, of course, and should add that your kids’ bright smiles will more than make up for it.

    Ah, and I should mention that D. eventually learned that there was no chance Phillip would be dressed properly if I was the one seeing him off in the morning. His clothes choices, as a result, improved once we figured this out about ourselves.

  2. Yes, but I imagine that the Bulls shirt was not a wrinkly mess–taken straight from the dryer wherein it sat for the better part of 3 days.

    🙂 And unlucky for me, Brian would probably do no better. Hopefully Hannah will get her act together and start doing her own laundry–and then maybe I can even get her to do everyone else’s, too. We’d all be much better off. Much less wrinkly, anyway.

  3. So, first of all, will any of this really matter, in the long run? I mean, it’s not like school pictures go in our Permanent Records–oh, wait, they do? Damn!

    Secondly, the book sounds cool. Wonder if I can get it on CD for the drive….

  4. Octavia Butler…Wow…brings back memories from English class. If I remember correctly, I think we saw her give a speech about writing that book. Good times. I hope you feel better…when I’m down….I run intervals. When are you bringing the family to Japan for a holiday?

    Marathon Mike

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