running the numbers

1: number of hours it took me this morning to run three miles with Little J on his bike. We stopped to throw rocks in the river, to look at every spider crossing the road, and at several intervals to simply rest. “We have to rest, Momma. You’re tired.” It was lovely.

12: number of cavities Little J has in his mouth. Yes, I am completely horrified–not because of the number, but because he’ll need 4 appointments to have them taken care of. No 4-year-old should have to go to the dentist that many times in a row in the span of 4 weeks. The reason I am not horrified about the amount of decay is that I went through the “soft bad teeth” thing with H, who had to have a root canal at age 9. I am a oral hygiene nazi and I know there is nothing more I can do to prevent my kids from getting cavities. I don’t even buy juice or Kool-Aid. They just have bad teeth. I think Big J might be lucky–so far things have been fine with him. And now that H has all her adult teeth in (and they’ve been sealed), she’s had no more decay either.

16: number of inches of hair I donated yesterday.

3: number of kids in my house who disapprove of the cut–though I think it’s growing on them. When asked if they liked it, Big and Little J answered simultaneously, “No.”

1: number of songs by Dexy’s Midnight Runners I put on D’s iPod for her.


3 thoughts on “running the numbers

  1. 7+: Hours of music my BFF Madeline has procured for my sweet new iPod.

    0: Number of times she’s heckled me for my shockingly lame musical tastes.

    10: Cuteness quotient of M.’s new hairdo!

    26.2: Miles we will run just two weeks from today.

  2. Um, did Dexy’s have more than one song?

    In my fam, we either inherited my mom’s sturdy but buck teeth or my dad’s straight but enamel-challenged teeth. Guess which ones I got? (Hint: at age 10, I pronounced my B’s with my upper front teeth outside my lower lip–very attractive.)

  3. I’m anticipating at least one boy with braces. Luckily H, while she inherited some soft enamel, also inherited my straight horse teeth. 🙂 No braces for her.

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