i’m working. this is how you know.

I’m up so late writing that I forget what day it is, and then I stand up my running buddy the next morn.

When faced with an extra hour, I write–used to be, I’d run. I did run the Bud Run last Saturday. I ran with J on her first 10K and she did well; we finished in under 1:10. But mostly I am not running. I am writing. The marathon in Albany will just have to be an undertrained adventure.

My left wrist aches. I have arthritis in my toes, and this is the same deep hollow ache–and it hurts even when I’m not moving it. I attribute it to 2+ hours a day at the laptop keyboard. B thinks I should be working at a better keyboard (ie a fullsize) and that might help.

I have completely revised the chapter breakdown. And to me, this is huge progress. As aerobil sez (but I’m too lazy to find/link to the actual post), writing is mostly organizing. I’m working slowly on an exploded outline as ideas emerge (low-tech: newsprint and Crayola markers), and I’m nearly ready to send off the methodology chapter. (But afraid to.)

I’ve found that when I sit at the machine for 4+ hours at a time, I get a little shaky. And cross-eyed. And when you ask me a question I can’t always answer right away because instead I’m TYPING WORDS in my head that I must read in order to respond to you. Sorry.

My house is a HUGE mess. My family is out of socks. I’m lucky H is big enough to do the dishes. B gets disgusted every once in a while and cleans the floors. But other than that: I’ve got my entire life spread out on the dining room table (and under it as well, in crates) and I’ve decided that it will JUST STAY there.

I don’t cook. B cooks. That means we have steak and Rice-a-Roni most nights. He is a good daddy and puts raw carrots on our plates, too. He will be up for sainthood after this year; I guarantee.


2 thoughts on “i’m working. this is how you know.

  1. Good news: it’ll be really warm the next few weeks, so you won’t really need socks–everyone can wear sandals! Then you can order more cheap sweat socks from amazon and avoid the laundry longer…

  2. We spoke of so many great topics during our 10K. I kept thinking you or I should write about that in our Blogs. I get home and I can’t remember a darn thing we talked about. Thank you for running with me, it sure made the time go faster, if you think over an hour is fast. It was a great race and we really were so lucky we didn’t have to do the wet t-shirt thing. We certainly wouldn’t have won. I just have to say they do make Support bras in all sizes, don’t these women know that?

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