a quandry

Reading this morning through my aggregator, I came upon a quick post by Tom Green over at Runner’s Lounge about his taper for the Chicago Marathon, which is the same day as our Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, (which is also H’s birthday).

I had two reactions: 1) how come we are not on the final taper yet? We still have one more 20-miler this weekend before the final taper. I want to be on *his* schedule!! and 2) dammit, my foot* is still messed up from the 50K two weeks ago, and now I am afraid to run that last 20 miler.

When I posted my race report from the GLER, I mentioned I turned my ankle about halfway through, then finished the race (probably stupidly) anyway. I took nearly a whole week off to rest and heal, and then this week started up again with a couple of 3s and 5s, and all was well. Until yesterday, when we ran 12. Well, I ran 10, because at 10 my foot was starting to protest. After the run yesterday, I had to gimp around again, which really was frustrating. This morning it’s still hurting so I’m skipping the 6 on our schedule (and it’s convenient, since it’s pouring right now anyway).

D has made a kind of promise to herself that once she qualifies for Boston (and then runs it, I suppose) she will be done with marathons.

I think that this race in Albany next month might be my last marathon. For a while, at least. The ups and downs of training and injury, the time, the extra eating, the early mornings…*sigh* It’s all very exciting, and the prospect of a project with a goal and a concrete finish is very appealing to me. But this is the second time I’m struggling with an injury before a race. Last time, for Buffalo, I was able to switch my registration and run the half (which is a GREAT distance, btw). The Mohawk doesn’t let me do that, and I can’t justify paying another $65 or whatever it is to register again for the shorter distance. My options are 1) not run and forfeit my money, 2) run and possibly DNF 3) run and NOT DNF.

The first options are not appealing to me, for reasons I imagine are clear. I have to figure out what to do so that I can recover quickly, maintain my level of training at the same time, and then run to finish (no time goal).

*It is a strange, hard-to-describe ankle and foot pain. The bottom of my foot hurts when my ankle moves.


2 thoughts on “a quandry

  1. I feel like I ignited your fury with my post today.

    To clarify, I’m “finishing” my training this coming week and I have a 20 miler next weekend too, and then I begin my taper. I’ve always done a three week tape, and it works great for me.

    Sorry to hear about your foot/ankle pain. Since you say you’ve run other marathons, I won’t advise, but hope you’re seeing some relief.

    A few weeks before the race, with a sprained ankle is a tough time on our lives, dispositions, and future outlook.

    I wish you the best continuing your training and tapering, and of course on your marathon.

    Please keep in touch if you care to or need a boost to your training.



  2. Tom,

    Well, I wasn’t furious. I was just reading your post and thinking: I want to be excited about my race like he is! 🙂

    I think I’m going to be OK, but I think I won’t be running the last 20 mile training run. At any rate, I enjoy Runner’s Lounge a lot–so it’s a compliment that you’ve stopped by! 🙂

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