poor. neglected. parenthetical.

Yes, I am referring to this blog. As well as my running (I have only half-heartedly been out a handful of times since the GLER), my house (which looks as though that proverbial tornado hit it), and my general sanity and well-being (I have been operating on no more than 5 hours of sleep each night, forgetting to eat during the day while the kids are at school, and my body laughs heartily if I even think the phrase “down dog”).

I’m back to teaching, trying like hell to write this dissertation, and working frantically to revise one article and draft another.

As one of my favorites likes to say: “workity workity.”

For your enjoyment during what will be long silences here at acadeee, I offer you a not-embarrassing pic from the last weekend, a pic where you can see my bloody leg from when I wrestled with a some brambles during an off-trail foray, and how I will cut my hair AS SOON AS I AM ALLOWED TO by my resident diss-pact enforcers.


4 thoughts on “poor. neglected. parenthetical.

  1. Workity workity, indeed. Yesterday began at 6am, on the road by 7, in my office, teaching, or at meetings non-stop until 6:45, when I hit the road again.

    In good news: two of those hours were in the Writing Center, and I had no clients. So I got to do some prep, and chat with a colleague about teaching.

    Down dog is just an invitation to sleep like a toddler, all schmunched up with my toushie in the air. Heaven.

  2. Wait–I meant to say, WAY COOL HAIRCUT. And not just because I think Ms. K is way cool herself. You’ll look even more fabulous than you do now.

  3. Hey
    I saw your blog. I have a meet up group. Looking for folks who have Jan 29th birthday. Let me know if you’d like to participate in our natl celebration. My birthday is on the 29th too:)


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