Tomorrow at this time, we’ll hopefully be about halfway done with the GLER* (the noise Deb insists we’ll make when we’re finished. Gluuuherrgh).

I have been diligent in keeping to the pre-marathon diet: carbohydrates (potatoes mashed! potatoes grilled!) and protein (lots of chicken), no alcohol (except for when D’s husband Ch. pours the occasional pina colada into me–but I only had ONE), and coffee.

Well, the coffee probably isn’t really on the pre-marathon menu, but whatever.

I have luxuriated for the past two mornings, sleeping in and jogging only briefly to catch up with the boys as they ran ahead of me on campus yesterday, when I went in to copy my syllabus.

Yes, that’s right: classes start on Monday. I teach the day after the GLER. I may need someone to meet me with a wheelchair to drag me onto campus.

*For those just joining us: GLER = Green Lakes Endurance Run, a 50K.


One thought on “gluuuuhergh

  1. Hey, congratulations on a huge accomplishment! I think you’ll have a worthy excuse to have short classes tomorrow. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done a marathon, but I have not forgotten the amount of work that goes into proper preparation for and basic survival of the event…or how emotional it is to actually make it to the end. Again, congrats.

    One of the most significant things about the process for me was having something concrete that I could prepare for and do and then say (especially to myself) — I accomplished this. See, there’s the picture and the medal to prove it. Things become so nebulous in the land of teaching and writing and “academizing” that it’s so life-affirming to have something that one can clearly complete in a set amount of time…even if you have to be wheeled across the line.


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