that nasty…

…little meme, for which no one will tag me. The eights, many of which have been ganked from those who’ve come before me:

1. I got up this morning, of my own volition (no D waiting at the end of my driveway), at 430 AM and ran 14 miles. Well, D did meet me around 545 to run the last 8. And it was wonderful to have the company. And I am now a stiff MFer.

2. This one is hard to explain. But when I sing, and I *mean* the singing (that is, I’m not just belting off whatever with the radio), my eyes water and my nose really tickles. This also happens when I’m talking with an enormous amount of sincerity.

3. I’ve never dreamt that my teeth fall out, but I dream about falling *a lot*. I’m always falling slowly, and often it is toward water, and I dream I’m trying to steer myself to the water. I never land.

4. At 18, I lived in Colorado Springs and worked three jobs, and rode my bike to each because I had no car. I didn’t have a plan for life. Marriage? Coast Guard? Professional Aerobics Instructor?

5. I have a cone-shaped head. This makes it difficult for any sort of hair style to lay properly on my head. Bangs have always looked ridiculous on me, for instance. This is why I have only two ways I can wear my hair: all-one-length long, or all-one-length short. (And yes, I’m preoccupied with my hair right now. Bear with.)

6. I think horseback riding is cruel. I’ve done it before, and I’ll admit was a great deal of fun. But I just can’t imagine that it’s fun for them. And the argument “They [the horses] LIKE it,” doesn’t hang for me–horses can’t talk. Also, we don’t do circuses, and we rarely do zoos. I do like to *eat* animals, but I don’t like to see them in cages.

7. As a child, I thought I was special and my existence meaningful–I thought I was meant for Greatness. Over the years, I’ve learned that that’s a pretty common thing for a child to think of herself, and that one has to work to be special and meaningful. But it’s worth it. 😉 Even if I’m special because my secret ninja skillz involve super-fast pbj assembly.

8. I have arthritic toes.

9. My H has amazing legs. No, they’re not from my side of the family. But I admire them nonetheless.

Yeah, I did nine. Sue me.


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