cup noodles, other

So, you know those Maruchan Ramen noodles called “Instant Lunch?” They should be called “Instant MESS.” You think you’re saving time boiling water and feeding the hordes some nutritionally void carbohydrates for lunch, and then you get an hours’ worth of picking up noodles, one by one (because there ain’t no “sweeping” or “wiping” a noodle, that’s for damn sure) from ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

No, I did make them stay at the table. I don’t know how the noodles got onto the bathroom floor.

In other news, the fall marathon schedule appears to be set. In preparation for D’s imminent Boston qualification at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, we’re running a few 10Ks and then running the Green Lakes Endurance Run (heretofore known as the GLER).

No, we are NOT doing the 100K. Just the 50K. B was quick to point out that the GLER is in AUGUST, the hottest time of year here, and that we are nearly out of our minds. That he is really beginning to question my ability to think rationally. That I am a bit selfish for leaving him with three young children to raise on his own.

I assured him I would only be gone for, oh, 7 or 8 hours.