small worlds

This is my old friend Mike.

Years ago we struggled side by side through the great Dr. Page Laws’ honors seminars at Norfolk State University and sat next to each other in alphabetical order to receive our diplomas in 1999.

Then we went our separate ways: me to an MFA program across town, he to be a chef in NYC. And then we diverged yet again: me to a PhD program here in Syr, he to Japan to teach English. We lost touch until this year, when he found me via the internets to wish me a happy birthday. After all these years, he remembered me and my birthday. What a guy.

And what a guy he is. Mike doesn’t post to his own blog very often, but when he does, it makes my day. His pictures are always ecstatic and colorful. He is an amazing runner and posts great stories about biking up Mt. Fuji and marathon reports.

Anyway, it looks like he just had a birthday recently, so I just wanted to give him a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! here. In addition, though, I want to think about Mike right now, and what great adventures he’s having on the other side of the world, because my beloved Runningburro is leaving for the other side of the world in a few weeks. I will miss her terribly, but reading Mike’s posts reminds me that she and Rainbowhair will have an amazing time in China.

So I’m hoping Rb will blog with pics, so I can live a bit vicariously through her.

But most of all, I hope to be able to visit her while she is away and have a bit of an adventure of my own. I even am dreaming that she and I can run this crazy-ass race together.

The first section which covers approximately 9 kilometres takes the runners up to, across and down the Great Wall of China. This part of the course is marked by steep ascents and descents of up to 10% and consists of thousands of steps. Runners are advised to run slowly going up and down the mountain, as well as to walk when passing the steepest parts of the Great Wall. Full marathoners will complete this section of the course twice.

Ouch. Well, they keep the course open for 8 hours. We could do it! And I would definitely have to buy a camera, and I would pose with my mouth hanging open and my fingers in a permanent peace sign. I could be like Mike.


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  1. Dude, we are *so* gonna kick the wall’s ass. We must begin coordinating this effort immediately 🙂

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