oh, the places I’ll go

Our Illinois/Iowa trip was fabu. I still wish we could have flown, but the big van with armchair recliners and a TV/VCR/Playstation did the trick. I don’t know that it made being in the car for a 20-hour stretch *comfortable*, but it certainly could have been far worse.

Now we are back home, and I am officially running the summer camp taxi. This week is dance camp for the niece, Ch., and H has weaseled her way into a “helper” spot for the camp. Big J and Ch. are also in a soccer club that meets two nights a week for the rest of the summer (thankfully this activity is within bike-riding distance for them).

Beginning next week, H will be at the studio for summer intensive every day for two weeks in a row. She starts on her pointe shoes, and she is out of her mind with excitement. I will just grumble a minute here to say that ballet shoes, costing as much as they do, should really come pre-assembled. They don’t. You get the shoe, and then a length of ribbon (which seems flimsy to me), a length of elastic, and some hasty instructions for sewing each into the shoe. I am no seamstress to begin with, and then I have to carefully stitch-in-the-ditch some very unraveling ribbon and some very thick elastic…H had to take her shoes in so her instructor could salvage them. Oh! The Challenges of the Dance Mom!

The last week in July is a week long of soccer camp for Big J and Ch. with the coaching staff of SU. The youth soccer league Big J will be playing for in the fall hosts this camp up here in a North Country school district, which will make it nice that I don’t have to drive them TOO far.

August I will wrap up my online class, which seems to be going really well for some of my students (those who turn work in) and really scarily for others (those who are still on my roster as registered but have not turned in one sentence since the beginning 9 weeks ago). We’ll hop back into that van with the armchair recliners for a getaway to WV, where I will sit in my cabin alone and write while my mom entertains my kids.


4 thoughts on “oh, the places I’ll go

  1. 20 hours – eeck! I just did a trip from Des Moines to Kansas City with the kids and thought the 3 hours fried my brains. You are a strong woman!

  2. Amy: The day after we arrived in Council Bluffs, we then immediately turned back around and drove 2 hours to Altoona to go to Adventureland for the day (which required a 2 hour drive back to CB).

    Much much driving.

  3. So, when are you signing H up for those sewing lessons to complement her dance? 😉

  4. Yeah, Suze. The irony is that the lady who fitted H for the shoes told us that H has to start to sew them herself.

    The reason it didn’t turn out that way, though, is I was afraid to let her “learn to sew” on her new $60 pointe shoes.

    Ironic that I probably didn’t do any better than she would have. 🙂

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