the gross thing I’m eating today

Strawberries dipped in sugar.

This marks my resignation back to mostly-housewifery. Since B has been in school the past two years, I’ve been essentially free to do whatever I wanted, and could easily guilt him into doing housework and watching the kids whenever I wanted.

Now he’s a working stiff again, gone from 6 until 4. I’m home, chasing kids and wiping butts and noses and watching Ellen. Eating strawberries rolled in sugar. Dang, Jon Bon Jovi is OLD.


2 thoughts on “the gross thing I’m eating today

  1. and the gross part is what? OH, your comment about jon bon jovi!!! you’re mean. the strawberries look lovely, though. i made shortcakes for ours, and with our sprinkled sugar goes whipped cream! mmmmmmmmmmmm, whipped cream.

  2. The berries in sugar look … YUM!

    Bummer about the loss of “freedom,” but “YAY” on the income front, non?

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