another lamely themed post

Here are the things I’m “working” on right now:

1. My tan. I’m really like a smoker in this regard, especially with Heather’s second removal as a reminder that I shouldn’t be laying in the sun unprotected. I know it’s not good for me, but I *like* it. My old, wrinkly, splotchy skin looks oh-so-smooth and less splotchy when it’s brown. Plus, it makes me feel productive as I chase umpteen kids at my friend’s pool. As in, I’m not just chasing kids, I’m working on my tan! Also, it’s an old-school way of thinking that I can’t shake, like eating bacon: as a product of the “non-fat” movement, low-carb logic–even with the studies behind it–makes no sense to me. None. And so neither does sunscreen.

2. My methodology chapter. I’ve got the study corpus nailed down, with help from the boss, but am a bit stymied about what I really need to be doing with it. So, I figured that writing the methodology will force me to reckon with what I plan to do, and how I should do it. It’s ugly right now, and reads a whole lot like a literature review of other people’s methods, but it’s work and *I’m working*.

3. This online 205 course. It’s been a few years since I’ve taught research writing online, and I forgot how grueling sometimes it can be having ALL your work be in front of a computer screen, and ALL your communication in writing. I’ve already made the viable students* meet me briefly in IM conferences so that I could make them talk to me in real time, but I’m about to make them meet me again as they gear up to write their extended research.

4. Gearing up for the road trip to Iowa, the biennial pilgrimage to see my dad’s family that involves a shitload of fireworks, both homemade and not, and this year a trip to Adventureland, which will supplant our normal trip to Henry Doorly Zoo. I already have 4 kids’** suitcases packed and ready to go. I’m learning to NOT do things at the last minute. I did wait until the last minute to buy tickets for for Adventureland, though. If I bought them online I could have saved $5 a ticket–$35 dollars total. But you can only buy them online for them to SHIP them to you, which takes at least 7 business days, which I don’t have anymore. Bleh.

*I also forgot how many online students go AWOL.
**I have an extra kid this summer, my niece Charlotte.


One thought on “another lamely themed post

  1. I use sunblock AND I have a tan, so I think it is possible. It’s a result of spending so many hours at the pool and running that the sun magically works its way through the block. But I feel guilt free because I use sun block. So I’m okay, right?
    Also: I eat bacon, etc. But I also have low cholesterol, so I guess it is just genetics at work. Plus why would we run if we couldn’t drink wine and eat bacon after?
    (I also liked your last post about where you learned stuff and I liked the things included like lots of cream cheese. Important stuff! Oh yeah, and rubbers.)

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