it’s that time of year again

Dance recital time.

Often, the dance recital weekend is pretty stressful. The influx of family members requires that I spend a day cleaning, and usually I needed that day to check to make sure if the video camera works, so having to gear up for the recital plus the family visit normally puts me into high-frantic mode.

But this year the studio is having the recital professionally recorded, so I don’t have to worry about misbehaving video cameras.

This year I bought the convertible body bag with days, DAYS I SAY, to spare. I bought the right one. I also bought bobby pins. I am ON IT.

I do think she needs a new pair of white tights…but other than that, people, I’m READY. Bring this recital ON.

And my house is clean, linens are fresh, and my garage is painted.

🙂 Just don’t ask about that, uh, memo* I have to write.

*Lovely D refers to the diss project as “that memo you have to write.”


3 thoughts on “it’s that time of year again

  1. My mum refers to my dissertation as my “paper,” as in “When will you be finished writing that paper?”

  2. Your mom can get together with my dad, he of the “I’m glad you finally finished” fame.

  3. As I reread this post (because there isn’t a new one, tsk, tsk), I’m struck by the morbid name of that costume-thingie that you bought H: “convertible body bag” — because a corpse might want the top down? Ack.

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