dunkin distraction

I neglected to post when, a few months back, Dunkin Donuts opened up shop in my village.

Really, a DD does not belong in my village, because there is so very little in my village in the first place. We have no McDonald’s or other major franchise. We have a small library that still uses a card catalogue, and the librarian stamps and takes the cards out of the books when you check them out. There is a hardware store, an auto shop, a laundromat with about 4 washers and dryers, and a diner. There was a small market when we first moved here 4 years ago, but it has since shut down; there just wasn’t enough business.

However, my village has the great distinction of being stuck to the side of interstate 81. And so we also have a truck stop and a couple gas stations whose business is not dependent on the 34 people who live in the village. *This* is how Dunkin Donuts came to town; by way of interstate traffic. Our DD actually shares space with one of our gas stations.

But it is NOT the interstate traffic that is keeping DD in business, I can tell you that. Nosirree. I alone am keeping that damn donut shop in business.

And I’m not buying donuts, either.

Once there was a great guy who I shared an office with here at SU. He was the best office mate: quiet, good-natured, and would ALWAYS ask if I wanted a coffee when he got up to traipse down the hill to the student center for a cup of his own.

I asked him one day, “Why do you walk all the way down to the student center for coffee when you can get coffee from the deli in our building? Or the little student-run place in the Chapel next door?”

He said, “Dunkin Donuts has better coffee than ANYONE. And don’t ever forget it.”

I haven’t. And now a small iced coffee is 99c. And so for the price of 24 oz (medium), I can get 32 (two smalls).

buzzzz. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

(I typed this entry in about 90 seconds.)


4 thoughts on “dunkin distraction

  1. I think I’m going to base my decision on where to work when I’m finished on where the closest Krispy Kreme is, so don’t feel like you’re the only one.

  2. You know they shut our Krispy down, deanya. We had one on Erie, and they SHUT IT DOWN. Now I can’t go stare at the donut-making machine dump glaze on my favorite donut.

    ‘Cause while Dunkin has the best coffee, Krispy has the best donut.


  3. Yes, Syracuse is so mediocre that they couldn’t appreciate the wonder that is a freshly fried glazed KK donut. DD, on the other hand, thrives here (I love DD’s coffee for very different reasons that I loved KK’s coffee. But DD’s donuts? y.u.k.)

    Good news for me: a new KK just opened in Hong Kong — a mere stone’s throw from where I’ll be — and it’s hoppin’. CNN says that there are still 2 hour waits to get in, and it’s been open for months. Yay for globalization 😉

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