I’ve gotten bad around here lately with the blogging. I wait until I’ve got a few good things to write about, and then I can’t figure out how to make them all thematically fit, so I end up making up some lame tag that connects them all.

So here, I offer the epitome of dumb themes so that I can write about several things that have nothing to do with one another (except to maybe show that I’ve become…*gasp*…a lazy blogger!): this week I was LATE!

I just found out that fellow writer, teacher, runner and ODU alum zunshyn had her first baby, Aren Pierce, almost 3 weeks ago. (His daddy’s beard will be a fun toy in about 3 months!)

LATE! getting this rhubarb pie out of the oven. Rhubarb courtesy the boss. It still was quite wonderful.

And finally: I was late leaving the beach yesterday. Yes, this would have made a great picture, but my camera’s dead, and photobooth works for taking pictures of pies on counters, but less so for pictures of sunburnt bodies. I am always hugely annoyed when I get sunburned; I imagine myself cut of swarthy cloth, immune to the fears my fair-skinned, hat-wearing, SPF-slathering friends have of the sun. I lived in Puerto Rico for three years, worked on the beach for the entire time as a lifeguard. I am NOT A BURNER.

But apparently living 8 months of the year with every inch of my skin covered in SWEATERS for the past 5 years has rearranged my melanin make-up.


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