is it summer yet?

May and June are strange months for me; I am not “in school” (though I am teaching an online course over the summer semester) but the kids still are. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere in NY or in the entire northeast, but the kids don’t get out of school in these parts until the END of June.

It probably has something to do with the 4 weeks of snow days we get and the week of “winter break” in February. Where I’m from, school gets out right after Memorial day.

At any rate, this interstitial space is normally a good time for me to work; 2/3 of my kids are gone all day. I get up, get the kids off to school, and then can write and work with only the small distraction of Little J, who when the weather is nice, spends his days on his bike or on the swing set (or, “swing sweat,” as he calls it).

But not today.

The school nurse, who is my nemesis, called yesterday to tell me to come get H, her eyes are itching and suspicious-looking. No matter that I’m 4 counties away on my way to a super-important lunch meeting with the boss. No matter that B is only in his second week at his brand new job and cannot leave.

No matter that this dang nurse calls me and tells me to come and get my kid because of a hang nail. No matter that H probably just sneezed and rubbed her eyes a bit and now the nurse wants her OUT OF THE SCHOOL.

I’m not saying that pink eye isn’t a serious contagious issue. I’m not saying that school nurses aren’t important and wonderful people. It’s just that our school nurse would rather everyone stay at home, all the time, and keep their germy selves quarantined–this would make her job much easier.

So dutifully I took H to the doc yesterday, who told me what he tells me EVERYTIME I have a kid with itchy eyes: it could be allergies. It could be viral. It could be bacterial. It could be dust. It could be that aliens came in the night and are using H’s eye for alien science.

But here’s a scrip for some drops that should help, maybe.

That’ll be $20. Oh, and keep her out of school for another day. And probably make sure the other kids aren’t showing symptoms either–if they are, keep them home.

So today ALL THREE kids are home.

Because of all this, I burned the crap out of my arm toasting bagels in my oven this morning. Well, the fact that the real toaster kicked the bucket contributed to my having to toast the bagels in the oven. But all three kids are here, and by mid-morning the safe bowls of cereal they ate for breakfast have disintegrated in their digestive tracts. I’m frantically trying to keep them sated–bagels are heavy, no? And I can toast THREE WHOLE bagels in the oven simultaneously, which will save me scads of time.

Except ouch. That hurts.


2 thoughts on “is it summer yet?

  1. I heard a HIlarious story a couple years ago from a mom who got in trouble for sending her kid to school with a tiny container of hand sanitizer in his/her lunchbox. The school called to inform her that this was a “DANGEROUS DRUG” and to never ever ever do that again.

    Oh, and I love Similisan eye drops, which come in a couple of variations. They were recommended for my chronically dry itchy eyes years ago by my optometrist, and any time a regular healthcare person suggests a naturopathic or homeopathic or whateverpathic remedy, I pay attention! (Doesn’t solve the fascist nurse problem, but anywho.)

  2. I like the style of your blog – a great blend of humour and good stories. Regarding pink eye – it seems to be regarded as the most contagious thing on the planet by schools – yet kids seem to come to school with temperatures all the time.

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