butterfly run

This is me (in the hat) with a bunch of people from New Process Gear after Paige’s Butterfly Run, a race here in Baldwinsville to raise money for pediatric cancer. To my left, #35, is my friend J.

I met J nearly 5 years ago when we first moved to CNY; her daughter and H were in the same kindergarten class. She was a Girl Scout leader in my service unit back in the day when I had a troop. J also has two boys, the same ages as my boys. So her family and my family have found that hanging out is especially nice; all the kids have someone to play with, B and J’s husband hang out, and J and I have become good friends. Our two families go camping together once or twice in the summer, and the kids have sleep overs once in a while.

So, last summer, J started asking me questions about running. I told her if she wanted to start running, I would be happy to tag along with her for moral support. I dragged her to the local running shop to get her outfitted with some proper shoes. We began walking, and then when the weather deteriorated (ie winter came to CNY), J started walking on a treadmill during lunch where she works.

She called me excitedly early this spring: “I ran 5 minutes on the treadmill today!” This was a breakthrough for her. Each day she increased her time running by a minute or so, and worked up to running 3X10 minutes with a few minutes of walk between the repeats.

I told her she was ready to run a 5K. Such the instigator, me.

Her first race was the Heartwalk in April, three pleasant but poorly marked (and probably poorly measured as well) miles along Onondaga Lake. No bib numbers, no T-shirt, but organized distance nonetheless.

I do believe I’ve hooked her. 🙂 The Butterfly 5K in Baldwinsville was a hot, difficult race. But she’s already signed on for the Swamp Rat–the next 5K in a mere two weeks.

Did I mention she’s lost over 50 pounds?


2 thoughts on “butterfly run

  1. You give me way to much credit. You seem to always make everything sound so interesting. Choosing to sweat is not always the most enjoyable thing to talk about. I am however continuing on and looking forward to the Swamp Rat Race where V will run for her first time. The 1/2 mile she did on the track last night was not bad for a first. Maybe I’ll get her hooked like you did with me. Thanks for all the inspiration. Love ya J.

  2. J: I probably don’t give you *enough* credit!! And I love to talk about sweating. Sweating is good and interesting.

    I hope too that our girls take up running after us. Then, we’ll always have someone to drag out running with us…well, we will for as long as they allow us to drag them out. 🙂

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