the busy

After a week of painting and cleaning, and then a weekend of carousing with B’s family up from VA for B’s graduation, I slept for 12 hours, nearly straight.

We returned from the graduation ceremony + dinner on Sunday night at about 6:30. I promptly put my fanny on the couch and slept until bedtime, whereupon I woke, brushed my teeth, and then went to bed.

I woke up Monday morning to put the kids on the bus and give Little J a bowl of cereal (or, “bow seeyall apple gacks”), and then sat down on the couch for a bit of _It’s a Big Big World_, only to fall asleep AGAIN for about 2 more hours. (Luckily, B is off this week, so I was not neglecting Little J in my excessive snooze-fest.)

Then Monday after I woke up from my million years of sleeping, we went out to run some errands. Y’all know we’ve had some car trouble? One of those errands we ran involved the purchase of a brand new car. Now, we have a car that will not stall, will start whenever we need it to, will not drop the transmission on the interstate, and will not require B to crawl under it and change rusted break lines, rusted exhaust, or any other rusted rustiness (for another couple years of CNY living, anyway).

It is black, 6-speed, and mighty nice. And now we’re mighty broke. But B will be able to get to work next week when he starts his new job! Happy days, people.


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  1. I’ve been seriously considering a new car…so this is way way cool. And you can tell me how much you like this one in a few months…

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