Today I am grateful. It is a day of thanksgiving.

Thank you to my amazing dissertation committee, who during my prospectus hearing yesterday were supportive and full of ideas and renewed my enthusiasm for my project.

Thank you to my mom and my sister and all my far-flung friends (esp you, digital penny) whom I have ignored in some fashion over the past few weeks as I finished the book chapter (it’s sent!) and wrapped up the semester. Thanks for loving me anyway, and calling to talk to the answering machine, and knowing I’ll call back but only briefly to say I’m too busy to chat, really, and I’ll call back later. And then I don’t call back, ’cause the busy hasn’t really gone away yet.

Thanks be to my B, who yesterday chased kids in a field across the street from the potluck while I visited with my friends and colleagues. Thanks to him for wrestling Excel into submission and putting up with my convoluted grading system (I thought it would be easier??) so that I could actually record grades.

I’m also grateful that:

Collin earned tenure here at SU!

Susan graduated! (Hooray dradams! sez B)

Derek also passed his prospectus hearing yesterday. Nice work, man. He’s up for some Olympian CCR-speed matriculating or something.

and Chris is now offically ABD, having passed her oral defense this morning.

Lots to be grateful for today.


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