The rundown since I’ve posted last:

1. Finished, almost, the article I’ve been working on for what seems like forever.

2. Decided that because of my knee injury, that I’m taking off from running until June. Yes, this means that I will not run in Buffalo (though I will still be on as D’s support staff–and to this I look forward! I plan to bring my bicycle and chase her around with a bull horn. Just kidding. No, really.) This decision has made me cranky, for the most part, and is making my body wonk out. My legs are jumpy and itchy (mostly at night), my digestive cycle is completely out of wack, and I’m tired during the day and awake at night.

3. Also decided to cut out coffee for a while. This might be contributing to the tired/awake problem I list above. I went for a day last week without a cup of coffee and suffered through the worst caffeine-lack headache. I’m trying to teach myself to be that casual coffee drinker once again, rather than that lunatic who bribes her husband with inappropriate favors so he’ll go get her some Dunkin.

4.Watched, in amazement, as Little J rode his bike without training wheels on Monday. Tuesday morning he asked if he could ride his bike to school, and so I obliged him, thinking I could walk beside him. The joke was on me; I had to CHASE him he rode so fast. Before I walked over to pick him up, I decided to put on some jog bras for the chase home.

5. Ate for dinner tonight: 1 avocado mushed with a hunk of cream cheese, garlic powder, and some lime juice. And some chips to carry it to my mouth.


2 thoughts on “listing

  1. I still run, but also went through/am going through the tired, etc. cycle. I thought it was just being a mom/teacher/writer, but it turns out it was my thyroid.
    Also: my naturopath put me on some stuff to help me sleep. It works! It’s panothenic acid (for the getting to sleep) and melatonin (for the staying asleep). The bonus is no hangover, and it’s actually good for you (panothenic acid is just one of the B vitamins).
    I highly recommend these solutions. It may not be you!!
    On the running front: my knee just started hurting. I’m afraid. But I think I’ll try to swim a lot.
    Sorry about your knee.
    happy healing!

  2. Thanks, Dr. Write. I don’t have much trouble getting to sleep, but I’m waking up a lot at night (so, the melatonin still, maybe).

    I’m hoping that my body will normalize itself here in a few days.

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