because I only blog when someone barfs

I’ve had my butt glued to this office chair for about 12 hours straight today (well, of course I did take and pick up little-J from school, the two big kids from piano lessons, and run to the grocery store–but when I’ve been in my house today I’ve been glued to this chair). I’m still wrangling with this book chapter/article thing that is totally kicking my butt. (Well, my butt would be thoroughly kicked if it were not glued to the chair. But anyway.)

If you are a writer-friend who sometimes makes yourself available to me via AIM and you have been online today, you have been accosted by me to finish or revise a sentence at least once. My pings have been frantic and free of phatics and niceties: “PLEASE FILL IN THE LAST PART OF THIS SENTENCE FOR ME!”

So, thank y’all for that. At any rate, I’ve come to a startling and scary conclusion concerning the difficulty I’m encountering in putting this twenty page chapter together: my whole dissertation will not fit in twenty pages.

I maybe should have had a clue, since the title of the proposal for this article, “Network Literacy: Definitions, Practices, and Implications,” is pretty much no different than the tentative title to my dissertation, “Network Literacy: The Shifting Roles of Writers.”

Duh. So what I’m up against is trying to condense an argument from a dissertation that I haven’t written yet (and what I *have* written is scattered and mostly methodology stuff). It would be far easier to excerpt and cobble from a document that was already whole. Instead, I’m anticipating excerpts and having to make decisions about what to include and exclude, without knowing, at this point, which of those inclusions and exclusions are *right*.

In many ways this is a good exercise, but the lessons are pretty much lost in my frenzy to make a deadline.

Oh yeah–and now I’ve got another barfing kid on my hands. At least when I’m up tonight trying to write, I’ll have an occassional distraction in emptying a bucket and sponging a face.


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  1. You are an awesome writer and a persistent person and you can do this. Hang in there! The end is in sight.

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