on not-blogging

I’ve been preoccupied with:

jail. In the last two weeks, jail and possible-jail have entered my life (not for me, of course, but for someone close). It’s raised a couple of issues for me: 1) it seems like if a person had any sense it should be really easy to stay OUT of jail; and 2) that a person’s definition of “sense” might become a problem in making jail avoidable. Sorry for the vagueness.

moving. B, after drumming up a handful of interviews, has been offered a sweet deal at a large corporation about an hour south of where we live now. If we were to move there, I would still be a half hour from SU. My commuting makes sense, since I normally only have to be on campus 2 or 3 day a week. We spent today scoping out the town, looking at some possible rentals just to get an idea of what we could afford. We found a great park, the hockey/sports arena, one possible dance school, and the Dunkin Donuts. 🙂 Because coffee is important.

the marathon in less than 6 weeks. My left knee has been giving me hell for about two weeks now, and I’ve dropped my mileage down to damn near nothing to let it mend. I’m pretty sure I screwed it up the week that I was alone during the kids’ spring break–we nearly double our mileage that week just because we could (D was on spring break, too), and I was a sad case by the weekend. I had to skip the first 20-miler, and skipped the 12-mile taper yesterday. Bleh. I coughed up the dough for new shoes last week and went and got myself a neoprene sleeve today. Looking back in the archives, I found that my knees gave me hell last year about this time, so I suppose I should not worry too much. Still, it’s a bit depressing to know that I’m not training the way I should.

writing. I have an article due on May 1st, and it’s taking everything I have to squeeze out one measely sentence (and then one more…). I suppose this week I’ll turn into the hermit lady and let the house go to shit and ignore everyone and finish it. I suppose I could be working on that right now.

Yes. The not-blogging.


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  1. You will kick Buffalo’s butt-ski. Of that I have no doubt. Remember, you are training the way that you should — you gotta let stuff mend. Live to run another day, and all that jazz.

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