spring morning sampler

Yoga last night was *lovely*. It may be because I missed last week’s class, or because I spent yesterday from 930 to 530 talking through research papers with students and my body thought it would have to remain in that hunched over position forever. But I felt amazing when class was over, and I still feel this wonderful looseness and lightness even now. I’m looking forward to my first Bikram class this weekend, which I’m taking at H’s dance studio.

Lance’s post on being a generous audience. Indeed, there has been a flurry (or fury?) of posts about the best way to present during a conference, and Lance’s post struck me as grounding: this may not be a debate we can ever come to a consensus on, and it seems like as presenters we can do what we think will work best. But it also seems that as audiences we can try our best as well. It reminds me of Anne’s theory of generous audience (for which I have no citation right now, but I remember her talking about it during a talk she did here last year).

The sun is shining, and my curtains are open.

The Departed came from Netflix yesterday. We splurged and watched it on a weeknight, and we weren’t disappointed. I’d heard mixed reviews of this film, and I knew that it was going to be gory. I expected the dropped accents, too, especially by Nicholson (who, I’ll say, really has only one character left in him any more: old, lascivious, and under-the-influence-with-a-mean-streak scary dude). But I did not expect to fall in love with Leonardo DiCaprio(‘s character) the way I did. I might actually have to watch it once more before we send it back, just to make sure I didn’t miss any of the twists.

We (D and I) are registered for the Buffalo Marathon. We have a hotel reservation. I will miss my runningburro, though, as she has opted out of Buffalo this year since it was pretty cruel to her last year. (I’d argue it was cruel-er to me.)

I’m working up the gumption to clean the house, which is so taken over by goldfish crumbs, balls of cat fur, laundry and duplos that I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so bad that I can’t bare bear to walk around without shoes on–my socks get all crudded up. But helping me to work up the gumption, and helping me from getting my socks crudded up, are these. I don’t care how much Heather doesn’t like them, they are the most forgiving, comfortable, stylish even!* shoes I’ve ever worn. Many thanks to the kind benefactor who put them on my feet. I will be happy as I hose out the house (or, my feet will be).

*It helps to have different colors.


One thought on “spring morning sampler

  1. OMG I love my crocs. The only people who don’t like crocs are the ones who have never worn crocs; it’s kind of like livermush.
    You didn’t see my mary jane crocs at the conference, did you? I wore them *almost* everywhere.
    And my feet were happy.


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