shitty shamrock

Is my foul mood coming across properly in that title? Good.

On a quick break from writing, I’m trying to assuage my weather-related depression (blizzard–yuk) with a some creative iTunes playlisting.

Mexico (James Taylor)
Carolina In My Mind (JT)
California (Joni Mitchell)
Get out the Map (Indigo Girls)
Southland in the Springtime (IG)
Oceano (Josh Groban)
We Will Be Burning (Sean Paul)
Happiness (The Weepies)
Long Way (Antje Duvekot)
Paradise Cafe (Arc Angels)
Sail Away (David Gray)
Lubbock or Leave It (Dixie Chicks)

And then I give up, and start finding those that *really* reflect my crankiness.

Sullen Girl (Fiona Apple)
Creeping Death (Metallica)
Bad Mood (The Murmurs)

And then I realize I’m stalling. And that what I really need is a bag of Doritos. Because they’re orange like the sun.


4 thoughts on “shitty shamrock

  1. I LOVE that title. Also, “Southland in the Springtime” and “California” are excellent choices, sure to be mood-lifters.

  2. Also, “Carolina in My Mind.” Give the happy playlist a chance! Happy music selections I like to play for myself include:

    Roam (B-52s)
    Head Over Heels (Go-Gos)
    Into the Groove (Madonna)
    In Your Room (Bangles)
    Don’t Rain on My Parade (Bobby Darin)

    and many others.

  3. I’m all about the 80s chick rock. Good stuff. And really what happened was that as I was going through to compile my list, I kept hitting on some good moody stuff.

    But the happy playlist is the one I *really* made. 🙂 And you’re in NC. You’re not really feeling my pain right now! 🙂 The pain of CNY March, which is excruciating.

  4. Well, if you didn’t have Dwight’s taste in music (James Taylor and Josh Groban — Yuck!), I’d recommend some Dead Kennedys. There’s nothing like a listen to “Holiday in Cambodia” when one is in a foul mood.

    Re: Doritos — have you seen the Smokey Cheddar BBQ flavor that are on the shelves now? Tas-tee. It’s like Frito Lay took the best of salty snacks and combined that with the best of sweet snacks, and the end result is one yum-tastic flavor explosion.

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