the luck. it runneth out.

aerobil posts today about what she’s finished since the break began.

What exactly have I done? Stayed home yesterday with a “sick” child (H complained of a stomach and head aches all day). Today, I drove little J to preschool and then proceded to be stranded because the truck would not start. Again.

I walked home. Called B and explained the non-starting status and behavior. He gave me some suggestions to try to get it going and so I walked back to the preschool to try again. And *sigh* no dice. So I walked home again, plopped myself in front of the TV and watched The View and ate liverwurst and crackers for a half hour. Walked back to get little J. Rolled the truck out of the parking lot so the teacher I’d parked in would be able to get out. Tried not to care about the other parents watching me leave the truck and walk down the street.

And I’m home again. Jiggity-effin’-jig.

But hey. The weather’s nice. I guess.


3 thoughts on “the luck. it runneth out.

  1. ahhh, poor Maddie! What are we going to do for you? Liverwurst and crackers just doesn’t seem to be the right answer. If I had an extra car, I’d loan it to you. Maybe I’ll just have to bring treats if you can’t get loose.

  2. And never ever EVER compare yourself to aerobil. Just don’t. Personally, I have one tiny set of papers to grade and I haven’t touched them yet. Or written my Cs paper. Or taken care of a sick kid. I got no excuses whatsoever!

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