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Wow, I guess it’s been a good while since I’ve posted here. The shit (and not-shit) that has gone down since I’ve updated last:

1. The break down of two of our cars on the SAME DAY. Last Tuesday, we lost the transmission in the Camry and then subsequently had some important heater hose burst in the Montero (said hose compromise is apparently symptomatic of something else that needs fixing). That leaves us with the Civic, pushing 200K miles and in desperate need of a muffler (and a tranny itself soon). In any other universe, I’d be appalled that we have two drivers in the house and own 4 cars (the 4th is T100 awaiting a transplant engine, ie B’s resident “project”…um, note the irony of us having a “project” vehicle), but right now I’m understanding B’s “extra car theory.” That is, we’re too poor to own sufficiently reliable cars; therefore, we own a couple “extras.” At any rate, being down to one car has put a cramp in our schedules–a cramp that will be temporarily relieved since this week I essentially don’t need one. And a big shout-out to D for lending me her trusty Tracker on Wednesday! Howdy good neighbor!

2. The running streak is still going. I’ve lost count which day we’re on, but we’ve managed to run in the most disgusting weather. Mostly disgusting because our snot freezes in our nostrils and when I get back my thighs look first like two slabs of raw roast beef–and as they thaw these ghastly purple splotches emerge. The first time it happened I though I was disfigured for good, but it went away, and it went away this morning (when we ran it was -6 air temp). We’re in week 6 of the Buffalo schedule, and have already knocked out a 15 miler (last week). I’m feeling especially strong, and I think it’s mostly because I’m also being dilligent about a regular yoga practice. It would be nice if I could try to do something with my diet, though. I thought briefly about attempting a modified South Beach thing, just to try to cut out some sugar and flour, and then I promptly ate a huge bowl of granola and had a BAGEL ON THE SIDE. And then a Kit Kat (which little J calls “Kitty Kats,” which I find adorable).

3. I received a tentative “go-ahead” on the prospectus. This means I have to start actually working on the research–which I have been doing for a while, but only in half-hearted fits and starts. I need to get set up with some kind of proper organizing system–and I hate to say it but I may actually end up doing a lot of printing to read and code. I’m going to renew my commitment to zerodraft, probably by posting later today about Web 3.0.

4. And for the enjoyment of those of you who actually made it to the end of this long, boring post, a quick dialogue from my office yesterday:

Big J: Moooo-om! H deleted all my email!

H: No, I only did what you told me to do! I clicked on the ar-chive link! [pronounced: AR + the herb] Moooo-om! What does ar-chive mean??

Me: …

Big J [exasperated]: Ar-chive means DELETE in SPANISH!!


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  1. “Ar-chive means delete in Spanish” is soooo my new blog name! And congrats on the diss progress. I am so close to defending I can taste it, so it’s true, it can happen.

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