grading/feeding frenzy


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A list: things consumed while grading a huge stack of essays*.

1. Medium coffee, cream and sugar, from Dunkin.

2. Wild Berry Power Bar.

3. Countless Toasted Ritz crackers spread with braunschweiger**.

4. Reese’s Pieces.

5. Can of Pepsi.

6. Enormous slice of homemade garlic pizza (courtesy the resident chef, B).

7. Handful of Lay’s dipped in French onion dip (abandoned soon–too salty).

I have about 8 papers left (out of the 30 or so I started with), and I’m seriously contemplating the Samoas hiding in the freezer. And the only reason I don’t completely hate myself right now is that we’ve got 13 on the training schedule tomorrow.

*This over the course of the day, of course, lest you think I am absolutely disgusting. Which, of course, I am. Since I also had lunch at Ponderosa today during Big J’s hockey tournament. And I won’t even tell you what I ate there.

**Liverwurst. No one I know loves it as much as I do, and I tend to think it’s because I’m chronically anemic.


3 thoughts on “grading/feeding frenzy

  1. Are you PMSing? I think I may be. Here’s what I’ve eaten today:

    2 fried eggs
    huge serving of cheese grits

    4 brownies

    3 roasted chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce
    big pile of coconut rice
    big pile of green peas

    There may be more brownies — and ice cream — to come.

  2. Dude, the somosas would’ve been the first thing that I’d eat!!

    BTW: did you see that BOCES is running a 3-part cooking lesson for Indian/Pakistani food?!?

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