hate. snow.

Today was the third morning this week I’ve put big J and H on the bus thinking about the bus accident I endured as a first grader on my way to East Butler Elementary in Dwight, Nebraska.

Nothing terribly traumatic. Snowy icy roads, and the bus slowly slid into a ditch and then slowly fell on its side. No one was hurt. The only pain I felt was from the third grade girl’s elbow that jammed into my ribcage as she slid over on top of me.

It is bone-aching cold out. The wind is brutal. And it is STILL F*CKING SNOWING.

To take little J to pre-school, I have two options: the little bitty Civic, whose heat works great but will most assuredly get stuck at the end of the driveway; and the great big Montero, whose heat DOES NOT work but is four-wheel drive so I’d be able to muscle my way through the barricade of sand, salt, ice and snow the plow has so thoughtfully dumped at the end of my driveway.

I go out to start it. As I sweep off the snow and scrape the ice, the wind stabs me through my jacket. In 60 seconds, all my fingers are stiff with pre-frostbite. I curse. And curse.

After I drop little J off, I come home to read student work. I have 2.5 hours to work.

After 2.5 hours, I go back out to start the Montero to pick J up. But noooohoo. I left the LIGHTS on in the Montero, the battery is DEAD. And I had smartly parked in the middle of the driveway so I wouldn’t have to climb through any snowdrifts to get into the truck, and in so doing effectively blocked the Civic in.

I know I already said the F word once in this post. I’ll try to restrain myself.

So, I had to walk to get J from preschool. Now, granted, it’s *maybe* a half mile to the preschool. Maybe. And I know that I run in crap like this all the time. But what. a. pain.

Thankfully one of the teachers was kind enough to drive us back home (I think she felt bad that J would have to walk in the crummy weather). But when we got home, I had the great pleasure of having to learn how to use a battery charger in the freezing-ass cold.

However, then I watched ze frank’s post about valentine’s day, and I laughed my ass off when he explained that he had to “shovel” the snow when he was a kid… and that they were too poor to buy a shovel…

I will be *so* sad when March 17 comes. So sad.


4 thoughts on “hate. snow.

  1. Ya know what I am getting you for your birthday next year? A membership to AAA. I mean, how many dead batteries is this in the last 6 months?? 😉

  2. Sure they will come to your own driveway! One of the things you pay for are services like battery (re)charging and retrieving keys-locked-in-the-car from the car. AAA rocks.

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