guess what we did today!

Shoveled the roof of the garage! Again!

The kids went sledding off the roof!

The exclamation points are indicative of how CRAZY the snow is making me!

*sigh* I really am out of my mind. B is out of his mind even more than I am. As we were on the roof this afternoon, the wind howled. Half the snow we scooped-and-tossed came flying back in our faces. B grumbled and grumped the whole time. “Why would ANYone choose to live here?” and “This is ABsolute nonsense.” I, of course, was feeling his exact sentiments acutely, but I am always afraid that if we are both in completely foul states of mind simultaneously that the universe will implode (seriously, I mean that), so I put on my best face (or as best I could with the snow flying into my eyes) and rambled cheerfully on about the value of hard work and how *warm* the house will feel when we go back in, even though we only have the heat up to 60.

After what seems like hours of freezing, miserable work, B jumps from the roof. I holler after him, “Where ya headed?”

He answers, deadpan: “Virginia.”

In the car this evening on the way home from hockey (yeah, they don’t ever cancel hockey; what’s with that?), B takes his gloves off to rub and huff warm breath onto his fingers. I joke him, because he insists on wearing gloves and I prefer mittens. “Mittens are always warmer than gloves,” I waggle my great wool mittens that mom made me. “Didn’t YOUR mom teach you ANYthing?”

“Yeah. She taught me not to move my skinny cold ass to New York.”

Well. It was funnier at the time. I guess you had to be there.


One thought on “guess what we did today!

  1. But just think what kind of street cred you’ve earned from all this suffering. On those rare cases in the South when they get a dusting of snow and all hell breaks loose and all the towns shut down, you can scoff, “snow?! you call this snow?!” And then laugh, “Bwahahahahahahaha!”

    Of course, mocking isn’t really your favorite past time, so maybe all of this is for nothing. Sigh.

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