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Indeed. Just an update:

We have not broken the streak. Yes, that means we’ve run in some pretty crummy conditions. But I’ll tell you, being outside in this crap makes me really appreciate being inside, even if it is to sit in front of my computer to work on my research.

To date: we have sustained over 115 inches of snow. Over the weekend, B and I climbed up onto the garage to shovel off the snow, which I thought would be an easy task. Gravity and all. Boy was I mistaken. Snow, and the wet lake effect snow that is nearly chest-deep-to-me on my garage, is heavy. We worked for a few hours, and managed to clear 1/4 of the garage halfway. Yes, that is not a fraction problem. I mean 1/4 of the garage has half the snow gone. Bleh. The kids had fun, though; we let them climb up onto the garage with us and SLED OFF. I’m not kidding. The snow is deep enough that to go from the roof to the top of the snow (in places) was only inches.


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  1. I really admire your discipline and stalwart attitude towards the deep snow. I live in Georgia and can’t tolerate the cold. My children always hope it snows, and I always hope it doesn’t. Also, about your previous post, when our children are sick, my husband and I always wish we had a third person to help us out, someone we really trusted, because really when one or two children get sick, there is absolutely no rest for the weary. And it zaps my remaining two brain cells, too! I hope your child is well soon!


    I’ve had enough snow in the past 5 years to last me a lifetime. I am READY to move back to Puerto Rico (where I went to high school!!). I’d rather have a hurricane any day.

    And the kids are both miraculously better.

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