snowed in, day 2


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Over night, we got a couple of feet. Another snow day for the kids.

Here’s the garage, buried nearly halfway up. If you click through, there’s more pics. My favorite one is of D’s husband Ch, snowblowing the driveway while holding a beach umbrella.

I’m going to bake something.

edited to add: Here’s a video from the weather channel–the reporter is at a gas station down the road from me. There’s an 30 second commercial on the front end…sorry for that.


5 thoughts on “snowed in, day 2

  1. My parents called to check in on my after seeing snow warnings about the “Syracuse area” on — what else? — the Weather Channel. I always have to tell them, no, the snow’s up north. Where Madeline is.

  2. GF and son made a Happy Snow Day cake yesterday. It was yummy. They did not go outside ALL DAY. Why they want to get a dog, I have no idea. Maddie thinks she’s Nanook of the North.

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