birthday booty

A quick inventory of all the great stuff I got for my birthday yesterday. [For the record: I’m 31 now. Apparently, when you turn 31, you don’t get a kick-ass surprise birthday party like you do when you turn 30.]

The first present came at 5:59 am when D met me to run. Still half asleep, I’d forgotten that it was my birthday and wondered why D had brought a book along for our run. Ah, no, that’s a present. And it’s NEW YAK TRAX! My pair from last year wore down at the heel and snapped, so this year I’d been struggling in the half-plowed streets to not slip and break my neck. Can’t wait to try them out–thanks, D!

Actually, the real first present came in the mail a while back; my mom sent me a hefty check. I signed up to take a yoga class once a week–thanks mom!

Next, during our impromptu cupcake feast after dinner, my family presented me with: a bag of Doritos (best present EVAR! it’s the FAMILY sized but if they think I’m sharing, they’d better think again), a bag of Hersey’s Nuggets (the toffee and almond variety–they know me WELL), a new can opener (chucked the old piece of sh*t in the trash immediately), AND a new Targus backpack, which I needed badly. The great messenger bag I’d been carrying, which was frankly too big, busted a fastener while I was walking on campus last week and it flew off my shoulder. Luckily, the laptop compartment was padded enough that my machine didn’t sustain any damage. And while I’m sure we could have fixed the old bag, I wanted a backpack (carrying the messenger bag, even when wear it across my body, is not a comfortable as a backpack to me).

I still have some birthday money to spend recklessly, but we’ll probably need it for, I don’t know, groceries or some other pesky necessity.

The last present I got was in the form of a phone call from a dear dear friend who just so happens to have the same birthday I do. We talked about taking a trip to Cancun in 2009, which sounded lovely especially as I watched the snow fall and fall and fall.

And fall.


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