the snow. it cometh.

I have a confession. A minor one, but an admission I should have made about 3 weeks ago nonetheless:

I have pledged this year to run once EVERY day*. In addition, I resolved to work on** my dissertation every day.

So far, I have been successful at keeping to both resolutions solidly. I should mention that the inimitable D is in on the streaking with me, and so we’re kind of checking up on one another for that, which makes it easier.

But today. Today the snow cometh. And to those of you who live south of the I-90 thruway, I know you’re chuckling, thinking: “What the HELL were those crazy southerners THINKING when they moved to Parish?? Do they NOT know the phrase “lake effect” takes on new, monstrous meaning once you cross the Oneida Lake bridge??”

Yeah. Well, that’s us: not always making those *really* smart decisions. But anyway, the problem you’ll see if you click through to the larger photo, is that it is *still* snowing, the plows cannot keep up, and I have not run yet today.

D will be lucky and run indoors where she works. I will be unlucky and get run over by a snowplow for sure.

Lucky for me, though, it isn’t that cold: 32 F according to the AccuWeather widget. Although, the widget does not register that it’s snowing about 6 inches an hour, either, so I’m not sure just how ACCU it is.

* It has to be 2 miles to count. To be official streakers, we need only run ONE mile per day, but our thinking is that once we struggle into multiple bras, we need to make it worth it.

**Work constitutes just about any kind of attention: reading, thinking, or writing. I’ve been doing a lot of the first two verbs, and writing at least a bulleted list a day. It’s not the paragraph per day that senioritis’s BP smartly implored of me, but it’s writing, and it’s daily.


2 thoughts on “the snow. it cometh.

  1. Dude, when you said you were going to be an official streaker I thought, well, you know. . . (and I was trying, for the life of me, to figure out how you could have got D to go along with something like that!).

    That’s what I get for skimming rather than reading.

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