its. not. fair.

Posts and pictures like this and this make a long-buried, Donna-Reid urge surface from the reptillian depths of my brain.

I want a clean house. I want organization. I LOVE neat stacks and lines. I thrive amidst that which is tidy and findable.

How can I want this so badly and still not be able to achieve it? Here I sit at my office desk on campus, my laptop high centered on piles of student papers, banana peels, and post-it pads.



5 thoughts on “its. not. fair.

  1. you’ll have a clean house in 15 years when little J moves out. as for your desk on campus… that’s all you babe.

  2. I don’t actually give students banana peels. They do, however, sometimes have banana goo or coffee stains ON their papers when I return them.

  3. I wish I had an excuse for my failure to maintain a tidy house. I do not. Except, mayhaps, that I don’t really want it as badly as I think I do when I’m flipping through the pages of the totally misnamed Real Simple magazine.

  4. yeah–Fran’s wrong. I do love cleanliness and order, but it’s always only temporary. Get it that way, and then die, maybe it will stay that way. Anybody who claims to be so organized is either a liar, or they don’t DO anything else besides “clean” and “order”, Even with all my kids gone, the only time it’s really clean and (relatively) orderly is right before you come for a visit. bbmom

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